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On the Philippines’ Claim to Sabah

Posted by butalidnl on 22 April 2010

The Philippines claim to Sabah seems to be picking up support again. Lately, President Macapagal-Arroyo hosted a meeting with the various heirs to the Sulu Sultanate in order to discuss the Sabah claim. And there seem to be groups in the web which advocate pursuing this claim.

Well, I am a Filipino; but I do not advocate the Philippines claiming Sabah as part of our country.

Let me explain.

The basis of the Philippines’ claim to Sabah is that the Sulu Sultanate owns this land, which was merely leased to the British East India Company in 1878. Let us take a look at this agreement, when it defined what exactly was being leased:

“Pandasan River on the east, and thence along the whole east coast as far as Sibuku on the South, and including all territories, on the Pandasan River and in the coastal area, known as Paitan, Sugut, Banggai, Labuk, Sandakan, China-Batangan, Murniang and all other territories and coastal lands to the south, bordering on Darvel Bay and as far as the Sibuku River, together with all the lands which lie within nine miles from the coast…” from manilabaywatch

Well, I looked it up. The Pandasan River is just to the west of the northernmost point of Sabah, and the Sibuku River is the boundary between Indonesia and Malaysia.  Thus, the area covered is roughly the eastern coast of Sabah, and extends up to 9 miles inland.
This is less than half of present-day Sabah. Worse (for many people, at least), all the oil and natural gas reserves are on the WEST coast, where Kota Kinabalu, Labuan etc are. So, for Philippine politicians who think that they are claiming an oil-rich land, I’m sorry to say that it is not true – the Sabah they are claiming has no oil at all!

Sulu Sultanate’s Property
And then comes the question of whether Sabah (which I use here to refer to the Eastern Part of Sabah which was part of Sulu)  belongs to the Philippines or just merely to the Sulu Sultanate. Sulu was incorporated into the Philippines on the basis of the Treaty of Paris of 1898. I cannot find any piece of paper that says that the Sulu Sultanate itself (which included Sabah) became part of the Philippines. Thus, the Sultanate, by virtue of a treaty of which it had no part in drawing up, got split – Sulu went to the Philippines, and Sabah went elsewhere.

It is probably for this reason that to this day, Malaysia continues to pay the Sulu Sultanate the “rent” (equivalent to 5000 Malayan dollars).  The Sultanate continues to “own” Sabah, and its rights to it are upheld by Malaysian practice; but this does not mean that the Philippines inherited this right. Of course, normally, when Sulu became part of the Philippines, it would mean that everything the Sultanate owns became part of the Philippines. But in the case of Sulu, its lands were divided arbitrarily by those who wrote the Treaty of Paris; so it’s not the Sulu Sultanate’s fault that its lands have been split up.

During the term of Diosdado Macapagal, the heirs to the Sulu Sultanate authorized the Philippine government to pursue the claim to Sabah. But this authorization has since then been withdrawn; and the present government tried, in vain, to get authorized again. So, without this authorization from the Sulu Sultanate’s heirs, the Philippine government has nothing to pursue the claim with.

And then there is the question of whether the Sulu Sultanate still exists. After all, if it no longer exists, then there is no more claim of ownership of Sabah. I think that the Sulu Sultanate’s heirs continue with the myth of the Sultanate, in order to continue receiving their “rent” (or even to ask for more) from Malaysia, and also so that the Philippine government will continue to recognize the Sultanate’s existence.

It is MILF policy to work for Moro autonomy in places where Moros are now the majority. They don’t want to pursue claims to lands where Moros historically were the majority (which will be a very big chunk of Mindanao, and even Sabah). Besides,  the MILF is not eager to recognize or raise the status of the Sulu Sultanate’s heirs – to them the Sultanate is a feudal institution that they would rather not deal with.

If the MILF gets the autonomy that it is fighting for, the issue of Sabah will probably also go away.

Regional Cooperation and Malaysia
And there is of course the point that Sabah is now an integral part of Malaysia.  Pursuing the Sabah claim would mean conflict between the Philippines and Malaysia. This is not good, to say the least. Especially since Malaysia seems to be doing a good job at ruling Sabah.

Philippines-Malaysia border problems are lessened by increased barter trading, and of course lax border crossing rules. Now, Tausugs from Sulu and Sabah could behave, more or less, as if they were in one country. Increased cooperation between the two countries would be good for development at both sides of the border.

All in all, I think that the “Sabah question” should be laid to rest. There is not much to gain for the effort, and the basis for the claim is getting more and more vague as time passes.

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  1. Damir Miranda said

    To Butalidnl…it seems that you made a research on this topic, I suggest you research more. because your your premis of not advocating the Philippines claims of Sabah do not hold water. This is not just about claiming, this is about sovereignty as a nation. You said you are a Pilipino, NO YOU ARE NOT! I think you are a Malaysian and I say you are not good in psycho war.

    Malaysia would not want this issue to reach the International Court, because they know they will loose it.

    Damir Miranda
    Utah, USA

    • recel said

      yeah ur right!!!!

      • mahmood justin said


    • peacelover said

      Exactly my frend, malaysia don’t want this issue to the international court coz they will really loose the case. and one more thing, malaysia still pays the sultanate of sulu an annual rental…The big question here is….if malaysia is a legal owner of sabah, then why they pay for rental?.. for what?.. so illogical

    • Angry_Pinoy said

      We must support the sultanate of sulu , because sabah is national patrimony of the Filipinos, We must do what Israel did to their homeland, Military is the best solution , i guess….

  2. butalidnl said

    If you bothered to take a look deeper into this blog, you will find that about 80% of the posts are about the Philippines. Only one post dealt with the Sabah issue. I’m sorry to disappoint you for being a Filipino who does not believe we should claim Sabah.
    Perhaps it is because I live in Europe that I have learned about the futility of claiming land in a neighboring country: WWI, WWII, the post-Yugoslavia conflicts show that these claims lead to many deaths, economic ruin, and even more unsettled claims. Better to just leave the borders untouched.
    In the Philippines, the Moros are not the ones who claim Sabah, it’s the people who come from outside Mindanao. The Moros, and those Christians in Mindanao, only see this claim as another source of conflict,and are not too eager about this – having gone through a lot of conflict over ancestral lands in their own island.

    • JR said

      wow naman…well…ayon sa aking pagsasaliksik na mayroong dating sultan ng Pilipinas(siguro nasa ibabang parte) na tinulungan ang Malaysia…at dahil sa kanilang kagalakan ay iniregalo nila ang Sabah sa sultan…
      sorry kung iyon lang ang naaalala ko…

  3. Damir Miranda said

    This is what you are trying to emphasize, it’s simple…if your neighbor built a swimming pool in your backyard you will let him do it and join the party later. Where is your dignity as a person? Perhaps you do not consider yourself Pilipino anymore because you live there in Europe, really? You better stay there and do not come back because we do not need people like you. I am sure when you get old you will think about returning to the Philippines. I hope when that time comes no airport in the Philippines will accept you. I live here in America and I am proud to say that I am a Pilipino. I will defend the Philippine interest in anyway I can because this is my land and no place in Europe or america can ever replace it.

  4. Kaylan James said

    Damir, what Butalind is saying is that, the original owner of the swimming pool (Sulu Sultanate) split into two and itself became non-existant. Half of the swimming pool (Jolo and other dependencies) had gone to the new owner, the Phillipines, and another half (Sabah) had gone to a new owner Malaysia.

    Phillipines had already extinguished the original owner only to sneakily reinstall it with the hope that they will reclaim that other half portion in 1963.

    I think it would not be beneficial to the Phillipines at all, as had Sulu sultanate been reinstalled and become autonomous, nothing is stopping it from setting capital at the other portion in northeast borneo and claiming independence frm the Phillipines (now that it is already Moslem majority) or merging with Malaysia.

  5. Kaylan James said

    East Sabah (which is claimed by the Phillipines) demography consists of majority Malaysian Bajau Suluk which are already benefiting a lot from Muslim majority Malaysia.

    The Christians KadazanDusuns in East Sabah is already disliking the Filipino illegal influx to Sabah, and sentiments is more into having their own governance, not having governance from an island not even a part of their land (such as sentiments towards the Peninsular Malaysians). I suppose there’s no doubt that Peninsular Malaysians are the lesser of two evils.

    Had Sulu claim northeastern Borneo just to merge with Phillipines, there is no doubt that there will be a lot of insurgence and instability.

    Sabahans are already happy with status quo. UN will definitely not advocate a historical claim, just to introduce instability to that region.

    • mahmood justin said

      james dear we sabahan can sit in one table irrespective who you are when we talk about insurgencies and intabilities claiming country is at the losing edge there is no satbilities in the country it self ROP is like hanging on a thread i agree with you claim on sabah borneo is out of the mind of any body not even god himself COULKD CLAIM BORNEO NOT UNTILL TEH END OF THE WORLD

    • v said

      historical claim is a strong basis…..

  6. oleb orig said

    just remember, we filipinos are mostly christianize descendants of the borneans, we panay islanders of the philipines, are very proud to be descendants of the 10 bornean datus, a royal blood themselves, and why do the malaysian or the british company who lease sabah still pay the descendants of the sultanate of sulu, who are filipinos by citizenship, up to this time, common sense, it means the malayasians are not the owners of sabah, but the sultanate of sulu,sultan kiram, who are give back sabah to them, and give them the chance to rule their land like heaven or like hell,as filipino muslims, cause its theirs.even if the malaysians and the british co. has taken away all the natural resources of sabah, and all sabah residents who dont want to be subjects of the filipino sultan, get out of sabah, right! common sense only.malaysians does not own sabah and does not have sovereignty over it and the people living there.

    • mahmood justin said

      my dear olib orig sultan or no sultan it is up to us to stay in our own peaceful country that your country keep an eye on because off world charter 710 if read upside it will comne to OIL getting out of sabah is out of the questions you know olib orib what you do is advice your commander in chief to look after your own philippines properly mostly your own citizen is not in good spirit and backwards in some aspect the worst thing is you philppinoes are fighting like dog and cats in your own country please go back to history

      • NOYPI said

        Hmm, please check your English man…

      • Jose Rizal said

        We Filipinos can fight like cats and dogs in our country if we want to but that is not relevant to the topic here. No matter what you say, SABAH is owned by Filipino Sultan, therefore it is part of the Philippines. Malaysians living in Sabah are technically illegal settlers. Shoooo! Go away, you are just renting the place for a long long time already.

  7. andrew majankim said

    Dear Oleb Orig,

    That’s a pretty stupid thing to say. Sultan does not f***** own that land, it’s the people. it’s democracy, not some 14th century monarchy. if the people choose to elect people of their own to govern the land, or merge with other states, it’s the people’s f***** own busines.. dn’t speak like you are a sabahan and your ancestors live in this land since time immemorial. My ancestors had, and no we do now acknowledge this imaginary sultan.

    • mahmood justin said

      if we have sultan we are going to die moro milf mnlf you name it is ready with thier m16
      that right andrew no sultan only huguan siou for myself as a dusun decendente aramaiti…….forever

  8. mahmood justin said

    the so called claimed is out of the heads of the philippinoes or thier representatives can keep philippines in good shape it self hy bother about sabah furthermore sabah is heaven to some maybe burdens to malaysia but the truth is we sabahan simply love this country of ours.

  9. jessie said

    i think that if the governments of each country must have to talk about it i am a filipino people live in philippines . i think its possible to solve that problem. but for me if they ask sabah is for philippines

    • andrew majankim said

      Look Jessie don’t u think the person who has the most right to decide what’s best for tht person is the person who stays in the house themselves? I don’t go around a house OWN by you telling u that I am your master or whatever.

      we are the natives of sabah since time immemorial. it’s our right to decide who we choose to be, not some nearby neighbour. if WE choose to merge with other states then thats our business.

      • nancy said

        agree.. leave us sabahan alone!! we are peaceful and happy with Malaysia

      • Jose Rizal said

        You are missing the whole point here. If you are not a Filipino, then you are no better than an illegal settler in Sabah! Period. Nobody said you guys can just pick a damn stupid house and stay there. Eventually the owners will throw you out, especially when you are just renting. Morons.

  10. mfcrh said

    TAKE NOTE : Everything butalidnl is just his opinion concerning this matter. Each one of us have his/her own opinion. I mean, we don’t have to fight for opinion’s of each person. If that his opinion, then learn to respect if even if you are against it. In opinion, there is no right or wrong. It is only wrong if you insist your opinion because that is not an opinion any more.

    Now concerning the issue of the Philippine’s claiming Sabah. Even though I am a Filipino the other side of me says we should claim Sabah. It is because first, it is based on Article 1 of the Philippine Constitution and Historical Rights/ Legal Titles. Second, it was a gift for a Sultanate which is a Filipino. But, Philippines was thinking so hard if we will still claim this because we don’t want to ruin our relationship with Malaysians. And it is better for us, not to take what is ours for the sake of FRIENDSHIP. Do you get it? Now you are saying that we Filipinos are just like dogs and cats quarreling? Yes, maybe that’s true. But for some Filipinos who REBEL against the GOVERNMENT. Not all Filipinos are like that. If you look deep inside of us you will then discover our real nature. Some of you said that we fight like dogs and cats, then what do you call of yourself or what you’re doing now on this page? Aren’t you also fighting like dogs and cats for every comment you post?

    We are not all perfect. In my own opinion, the best thing to do is to live this on the hands of government officials of both countries. And each one of the government officials of both countries should learn to respect what SABAHAN wants. We can’t decide for them for it is their own lives. If we want what is best for them then we should learn to hear it from them.

    Now concerning also the issue that Philippines wants the natural resources of the SABAH, i think it is not. Philippines has lot of resources. That’s why some of the countries, take the opportunity to get natural resources here. Some also do the dirty works just to take OUR NATURAL RESOURCES.

    I think the BEST IDEA, is that they should talk about this or rely it to the court.

    • Renz said

      Man, Malay Government did not even think of what’s good for the hundred of thousand “immigrant” Filipinos residing in Sabah before. They forced them and sent them out of Sabah.

  11. mfcrh said

    *the word LIVE should be LEAVE.

  12. Amando Boncales said

    The Philippine government is clear and sharp in dealing with our Sovereignty over SABAH.

    The memorandum issued the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT is in FULL EFFECT to all branches of our government system in remaining the Philippine institutions regarding the PHILIPPINE sovereignty in SABAH.

    The document is binding to all government officials and agencies doing matters pertaining to the Philippine sovereignty in Sabah.

    NB: As a citizen of the republic of the Philippines, it is my duty and obligation to follow orders from the nation government. The Memorandum concerning to the Philippine Legal Rights over Sabah is clear in instructing all agencies and concern individual to disseminate the information in all media form possible.

    The Philippine legal and sovereign rights in Sabah are clear from the very beginning, during the American period in the Philippines the American officials send a letter of communication to UK about the Philippine legal rights over Sabah, to the formation of Malaysia- the Philippine government made it clear that the formation of Malaysia will not prejudice the existing legal rights of the Philippines in Sabah.

    We made it known to the world that the status of Sabah is yet to be decided by the United Nation and the International Court. As a lawyer you know the validity of our claim and the strong evidence we poses in rallying our sovereignty in Sabah.

    Therefore, the Philippine Memorandum regarding Sabah is an act of proscription all Filipino citizens, and all governmental instrumentality that the Philippine Sovereignty and Legal Rights over Sabah is a National Issue and Interest.

    I hope this message will made you think on the legality and the political consequences about the memorandum issued by the Philippine Government pertaining to The Philippine Sovereignty over Sabah.

    • butalidnl said

      To Mr Boncales: what century are you living in? In the present, 21st, Century, the Philippines – and most countries in the world, btw – have such a thing as “freedom of expression”. Apparently, in your (time warped) world, it doesn’t exist yet.
      Let me explain: Citizens in modern countries have the right to express opinions which are contrary to government policy. “Freedom of Expression” is not simply the freedom to “express” opinions agreeing with government; it is there specifically to protect the rights of those with contrary opinions.
      The Philippine government has the right to make a memorandum re how government officials deal with the Sabah question. This is because it cannot have its employees (who act in the government’s name) contradicting its policies. That’s its good right. But we citizens have the right to oppose policies which we think are wrong. It’s guaranteed in our Constitution.
      The Sabah policy is not the only thing I disagree with the Philippine government. I’m also against its policy of giving tax breaks to foreign mining companies. So, are you suggesting that I should also desist form expressing that opinion? And, I am against the government policy to boycott the Nobel Prize ceremony awardin Liu Xiaobo. Is that in anyway illegal?
      So, if you think that I am committing an unpatriotic act (or even “betrayal of the country” or treason) by disagreeing with the government on its Sabah policy; well, go ahead and report me to the authorities. I can imagine how far you could go with that complaint. As I declared to the Catholic Church re my support of the RH bill: go ahead and excommunicate me.

  13. The Truth-teller said

    What’s with all the land ownership ruckus?I as a Sabahan,I’d say we listen to the people instead of digging up century old sovereignty ties over the land.What’s important is now,not the past.And if there is a vote,I’d like Sabah to stay just the way it was since 1963.No more fights over the lordship of the land,PERIOD…

    • Jose Rizal said

      Why can you vote for the ownership of a land you just illegally occupied? The decision of who owns the land is still in the hands of the true owner. The Sultan of Sulu, who is a Filipino and whose heirs live in the Philippines.

  14. Kudil said

    Sabah is for Sabahans! All Sabahans are Malaysians…in the name of PEACE…leave us ALONE!

  15. Mary said

    Its a big NO! Sabahans are not Malaysians. They are all Filipinoes. Even i’m a Sabahan, i think our land should return to its true owner. Coz im believing “what is yours is yours, what is mine is mine”. Just asks some of our Sabahans some of them also wants to be part of Philippines.

    Im supporting the Philippines to their sovereignity over our land..

    Go Philippines.. Sabahans like me is not a Malaysian, I’m a Filipino. Mabuhay po tayo!

    • NOYPI said

      Yeah your’e right Mary dear. It’s really sad to know that after a while, someone suddenly realized that his property was not really his! But that’s life…Now, even if you get mad, violent, or insane about it, it’s the reality. Now, what’s the problem with some over reacting people around here? I’m sorry to say this but if there is really a legal basis concerning the Philippine’s claim over Sabah, then what’s wrong with the claiming thing? In the name of LOVE…leave SABAH TO to the PHILIPPINES!

    • marymyass said

      Lol u are clearly not a Sabahan..u r probably ur faggie filipino

    • Ed Bondoc said

      Join us on our advocacy of re-claiming Sabah. We’re also on Facebook (Sabah Claim Society).

  16. Malay Race said

    check this out people…
    just got this order of information from


    The Facts:
    1658 Sultan of Brunei ceded Sabah to Sultan of Sulu
    Jan 22, 1878 British North Borneo leased Sabah from Sultan of Sulu
    Mar 7, 1885 “Madrid Protocol” Sulu Archipelago under Spain
    Jul 10, 1946 UK annexed Sabah as a Crown Colony
    Aug 1, 1962 “Cobbold Commission Report” Support of Sabah and Sarawak in creating Malaysia
    Jul 31, 1963 “Manila Accord” Philippine Claim on Sabah
    Aug 3, 1963 “Manila Declaration” Ma-Phil-Indo
    Aug 5, 1963 “Joint Statement” UK vs. RP on Sabah
    Aug 31, 1963 Sabah attained self-government
    Sept 16, 1963 Federation of Malaysia

    Preliminary conclusion:
    1. Its a big disrespect of UK towards RP for its annexation of Sabah (1946) and establishment of Cobbold Commission (1962) as the basis for the creation of Malaysia.
    2. The lease between British North Borneo and Sultan of Sulu (1878) prohibits transfer of Sabah to another nation, company or individual without the Sultan’s (of Sulu) consent. Additionally, it is not covered or affected by the Madrid Protocol (1885) pertaining to Sulu archipelago.

    • FilipinoStayOutOfSabahan'sBusiness said

      Final conclusion:

      Nobody cares about that history. If Phillipines/Sulu are going to occupy Sabah, we, Sabahans will protect it and chase out every single Filipino immigrants there is. UN will never back Phillipines since it is the UN who certified Sabahans self determination in becoming what they are now.

      To think that the Phillipines are now begging for UN’s help to settle Spratley’s dispute with China, lol…how ironic.

      • peacelover said

        i don’t believe u..ur a great liar

      • Jose Rizal said

        Illegal settlers who are not Filipinos living in Sabah, get out of the place you are just renting. You cannot simply own a house merely by occupying it, since you are renting, and virtue of this recognition of the rent, the owners can tell you to get out anytime you want.

  17. To Mr. Author, do you know what year Malaysia is born? As far as I know Malaysia was created in 1963. Centuries before the creation of Malaysia, the Sultanate of Sulu already owns Sabah as a gift from Sultan of Brunei and that was in the year 1568 if Im not mistaken. From that time, Sulu sultanate possesses sabah as their land. It was leased by sultan of sulu to the british east india company lately in the end of 19th century and the british company paid a yearly rental money to the sultan. In 1920, the US formally remind Bretain that sabah belongs to sultanate of sulu. Although the british integrated sabah as part of malaysia in 1963, still the malaysian government paid rental money to the sultanate of sulu up to this date as cession money. MEaning up to this date, the sultanate of sulu still owns sabah and it has a right to claim it from malaysia. Malaysia is a young country and Sulu sultanate is more than 6 century old kingdom.

  18. Mat Seks said

    So u wanna take Sabah away from Malaysia? Want Sabah be a part of Philippine? Then u guys must be prepare to go to war with us, Malaysians. We will not give away Sabah, not without a fight. U have to taste ur nose get bloodied very bad first before u ever think of getting Sabah out of Malaysia. So you want WAR with Malaysia?
    Oh wait…
    1) Malaysia is the only country that successfully defeat the communist insurgent in the whole wide world. Malaysia & The Philippines communist insurgents problem started about the same time, but the Philippines until now cannot defeat the NPA communist, even after more than 40 years! If Philippne Army invade Sabah, the Malaysia Army will slaughter the Philippine Army just like we slaughter the communist decades ago. Now want to claim Sabah? Even the NPA, u guys cannot beat them, now what to take a fight with the Malaysia Army? What a shame…

    2) Philippines Army are also facing insurgents group like MILF,MNLF & Abu Sayaf, & until now cannot even defeat one of them for decades now! Even the MILF u guys cannot beat, now want to fight the Malaysian Army? What a shame…

    3) Philippine Army of 120,000 soldier cannot even defeat the 500-1000 Abu Sayaf fighter! Even 500 -1000 bandits also u guys cannot beat, now what to take away Sabah from Malaysia? What a shame….

    4) Philippine Air Force don’t have any operational jet fighter!!! Malaysia have 18 Mig-29, 8 F-18 & 18 Su-30, all are considered the latest & the most modern fighter aircraft in the world. All are equipped with Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missiles. Philippine Air force don’t even have an operational aircraft & NO air to air missile (forget about Beyond Visual Missiles), now shamely want to claim Sabah? The Philippine Air Force will be slaughter by the Malaysia Air Force like peanuts! What a shame….

    • peacelover said

      too much boasting idiot…
      don’t count the eggs when it’s not yet hatched.
      You bastard….

    • peacelover said

      malaysia the supporter of these all…

      • haha…we (The Philippines) won’t go to war, because we are not capable of financing a war and that’s a fact. Why not face us in the international court and lay the foundation of our arguments. Our government has been inviting you for a trial but your government keeps of resisting. I am thinking of two reasons, first you have no strong argument that will support your claim that Sabah is really yours. Second, your government knew that you’ll lose the battle in court. Also, if you own Sabah…then why until now pay a rent to the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu who gave permission to a certain Austro-Hungarian consul based in Hongkong who is a partner with a certain British private citizen.

        War won’t solve this. But if you really want that….we’ll have US fight for us then. Lol

    • Patriotic guy. said

      Sabah is a Philippine Territory., no matter what this guy will say., There is no need for boasting your Military capabilities, ha ha ha! We are talking about the facts, the reality here, that sabah was illegally transferred to Malaysia by UK. The International Court of Justice., UN. etc. will decide., Your Sabahan, Your Filipino, Tausogs, Moros, etc. it doesnt matter., as long as you do your job., and you dont kill or murder people your not going to jail., you will be fine. Dont worry Phil. Military. AFP., is modernizing its military, equipt. and capabilities. They buy jet fighters, attack helicopters, anti submarine helicopters., Tanks., etc. etc. The Phil. will not waste its money or funds to make war with you all., About NPA, abu sayaff, etc. dont worry its not your problem., The Phil. Govt. and the filipinos will take care of it. Read the news first , ICJ or any World Court. is the battefield. Peace to all. No bad comments. Galatians 5:19-21, Rev. 21:8. ang masasama at mayayabang, at galit at away. ang hanap. sa impyerno yan. Repent ..

    • Jose Rizal said

      You (Mat Seks) are simply hiding behind this military power which simply shows that you are gayishly hiding behind iron doors. If you want to face us without any weapons, hand to hand combat maybe you will run away.

  19. estranghero laut said


    • FilipinoShouldManageIt'sOwnLandAndStopMindingOtherPeople'sBusiness said

      well if u consider having to smuggle yourself to another country and begging to become low class labourers as ‘need us to run ur business there’, well by all means be proud of that…

  20. SStal said

    The lease of Sabah is documented as an annotation to oct-01-4 land title way back .

    This is proof that Sultan of Sulu owns Sabah

  21. SStal said


    An Austrian businessman and Alfred Dent organized North Borneo Company after the American Trading Company collapse. A Deed of Lease Agreement between Sultan of Sulu and the North Borneo Company represented by the cousin of Prince Julian Macleod Tallano signed for annual lease of U.S. dollar 5,000.00 ending January 22, 1978, after which the land should be reverted to the cousin, Prince Julian Macleod Tallano (Tagean) while that lease payment including the land area of North Borneo to be divided among the four beneficiaries, 75% to the Kiram’s heirs and 25% to the Tallano’s heirs.

    Governor General Royal Crown of Spain

    January 22, 1878

  22. Aaron Lecciones said

    Alright at best I think what should be done by the Malaysian regime is to officially recognize the heirs of the Sultanate of Sulu, especially as monarchs in faith. Hand in hand they should try to see how these heirs can be rightly compensated. Are not the other states part of Malaysia ruled by monarchs as well? Unless of course the heirs of the Sultanate of Sulu mean nothing to them. As for the Philippines, having advised the then unifying Malaysian state that areas in Sabah were in contention, even to the extent that the US reminding them as well, means that there has happened something in the past that was not resolved and thus soon it should be about time that the two states face each other candidly about history.

  23. Angry_Pinoy said

    Malaysians government are traitor! They stolen Sabah to the Filipino people, If we equipped with good military hardwares since we are one of the battled hardened Armed forces, your armed forces will like a imperial japanese that commit suicide….kamikazee malaysian!

  24. Sabah is my reaserch here in the US and I have written some articles about this.

    I din’t understand why journalist will always say the we lost Sabah. We have a claim over it in fact, it was uphold by the Court of Justice about the Philippine claim over Sabah.

    The Philippine Government have existing guidelines, very recently about our Sabah dominion, pls read this article so that you can tell journalist and other media men about the government’s officials statement:,%20s.%202008.pdf

    This is my written article:

  25. Simon said

    People of Philipines! ZIP IT! “Sabah CLAIM” is a NON-ISSUE. China’s showing of its ego on your shores and your are dancing around on ours?!

    Sabah is a sovereign and independent country within a the Federation of Malaysia.

  26. John R. Petalcorin said

    Re: “1658 Sultan of Brunei ceded Sabah to Sultan of Sulu.” — this is not true. Please check this out with the Historical Archives of Brunei. You will be surprised on to whom Sabah was given to by the Brunei in 1658. Thanks.

    • butalidnl said

      Your comment is not placed in the right place. If you are commenting on another person’s comment, please reply there, and not to the main blog. If you bothered to read the main blog, your quote is not there.
      Your mysterious approach to this issue is not helpful. I don’t have the resources to go to Brunei to look at their Historical Archives, to see whether a point I DID NOT make is true. So, if you have a point to make, make it by stating the facts; and perhaps even providing a weblink to the relevant files.

  27. ricardo villanueva said

    In 1878, HM Sultan Jamalul Ahlam Kiram (The Sultan of Sulu and The Sultan of Sabah), as the legitimate owner, leased Sabah to a British company of Gustavus Baron de Overbeck and Alfred Dent for their use and their heirs but the Lease prohibits the transfer of Sabah to any nation, company or individual without the consent of His Majesty’s Government (“Government of the Sultan of Sulu”). The transfer of Sabah by Great Britain to Malaysia in 1963 constituted a breach of the provisions of the 1878 Lease as the Government of the Sultan of Sulu did not consent to the transfer to Malaysia. As a point in law, Sabah must and should be returned to the Lessor as owners (the Sultan of Sulu and the Sultanate of Sulu).

    In 1906 and 1920, the United States formally reminded Great Britain that Sabah did not belong to Great Britain and was still part of the Sultanate of Sulu but Great Britain ignored and did not listen to the reminder of the USA and transferred Sabah to Malaysia in 1963. This transfer is prohibited under the Sabah Lease of 1878.

  28. ricardo villanueva said

    If the rental payment or Joint Administration is not acceptable then Malaysia must vacate Sabah and return Sabah to the lawful owners – the people of the Sultanate of Sulu. These are three (3) options available to resolve the Sabah illegal occupation by Malaysia.

  29. ricardo villanueva said

    To Mat Seks,
    If we are going to war with Malaysia, we MILF, MNLF or Moslem Filipinos, NPA will unite and joined hands againts you, fight you in war just like we did in Spanish Regime, American Regime and Japanese regime. You people of Malaysia has not experienced in fighting other nations alone and without the help of the British.

  30. free sabah for sulu said

    we are indonesian support our filipino brother for claim back sabah, free sabah long live the sultan sulu

  31. free sabah for sulu said

    indonesian people is behind you my filipino brother, lets claim back sabah from malayshit thief, you can browsing to indonesian forum to see how big support from us to you. keep fighting and keep struggling

  32. ibon man may layang lumipad…(palayain na ang mindanao and sabah) papasukin na sa full autonumus sa pilipin… mahalaga pa rin ang pilipin kay sa malaysia… mga tausug ingatan ninyo tao parin kayo sa pilipin piro sa malaysia hindi kayo tao… halaw kayu… it’s direct to point… hinahalaw ba kayu ng pilipin sa inyong sariling lupang pangaku? pati ang sabah ay lupang pangaku rin yon… mahal natin ang watawat nitong bayang pilipinas… pero wag matakut autonumus parin tayo. hindi tayo sinakop ng pilipin.

  33. hindi na bali yong pagsasakop ng pilipinas pero wag lang ang paghahalaw sa sariling lupang pangako… he he he.

  34. ruel said

    to the author:
    i believe ur little knowledge on the sabah claim is dangerous. please do more research on the legal part. u need to review authentic documents related to the issue. because it is very clear that your references was very limited that is why ur opinion is a dumb!

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    On the Philippines

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