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Bayan Muna ang BongBong Marcos

Posted by butalidnl on 15 December 2009

It is a done deal. Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza are running under the Nacionalista Party banner as senatorial candidates.  So, it seems that the representatives of the Maoist left are accepting the fact that they would be in the same list as Bongbong Marcos. It must have taken all  kinds of ideological gymnastics  to pull off  this kind of thing.

Why are they doing it? Well, in short, they want to  become senators. Running as independents would not get them enough votes to become senators. Besides, I think they will be able to get campaign money with the alliance with NP. They will just have to swallow some of their principles by running together with Bongbong Marcos.

They would have wanted to run under the LP with Noynoy and Mar Roxas. But the problem was that the LP did not want them. So, it had to be the NP. Because outside the LP and NP, the choices would have been either Lakas-Kampi of GMA or Erap’s PMP. And these choices would have been even worse for them.

It is a case of the “politics is addition” principle.  Villar calculates that the voters for Marcos, and that of Makabayan, don’t have to vote for each other, but that they may vote Villar for president. And that means that Villar has something to gain from having both in his ticket.

All this is fine, except that Ocampo and Maza are supposedly representing the revolutionary left. What happens to the revolution then? I think this is simply a case of sealing the fact that Makabayan (and Bayan Muna, Gabriela and Anakpawis) have long ceased to be revolutionary. That they are in fact, propping up the very system that they supposedly want to overthrow. That they not only benefit from the status quo, but actively support it.

For the CPP bosses that decided on this matter, watch out: when Ocampo and Maza become senators, they may be too powerful, and too much part of the status quo to go against it. Their election as senators may signal their leaving the “centralism” of the party line.

One Response to “Bayan Muna ang BongBong Marcos”

  1. The Pope said

    I was really surprised and it was beyond my imagination that Liza Masa and Satur Ocampo are riding on the same boat with Bongbong Marcos, it seems that in Philippine politics, there are no permanent enemies and at during the election period it shows that political figures are ready to swallow their political ideology in pursuit of their political career in the Senate.

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