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Bikes in the LRT

Posted by butalidnl on 10 November 2009

The LRT in Manila is now allowing bicycles on their trains – the last car of each train can now accomodate up to 4 folding bicycles.  While this is a positive step in promoting bicycling in Manila,  I wonder why only 4 folding bicycles are allowed on board.

Here in the Netherlands, the policy is to accomodate bikes on trains, as long as the bike’s fare is paid for (at half-rate per bike) or at no extra cost if the bike is of the folding type.  This is logical, since bikes use up space – at least when you use the regular type.  But the folding type of bikes don’t use up that much space, and that’s the reason why they can board trains for free.

I think the LRT should just allow an unlimited amount of bikes on trains, as long as these are foldable. These foldable types do not get in the way after all, and occupy as much space as a big bag. Initially, the number of bikes on LRT trains will not be that much, anyway; but as time goes on, it could stand a chance at becoming commonplace in the LRTs.

To really make the bikes commonplace, there would need to be bike shops at the LRT stations, which would offer foldable bikes for rent, and where people could leave their bikes. This will offer flexibility to the bikers who would have the option of biking to the station, and walking to their destination, or the other way around, of walking to the station, and biking to their destination.


3 Responses to “Bikes in the LRT”

  1. The Pope said

    I agree with your opinion, the Phil. Government must launch public service programs to encourage Pinoys in using bicycles in Metro manila to ease down traffic congestion and pollution. A bike lane must be provided in major streets of Metro Manila which was already started in the City of Marikina. A lesser duties and taxes on imported bicycles could also be imposed to encourage Filipinos to purchase better bicycle units such as foldables for a cheaper price.

    And MRTs/LRTs should allow more bikes on trains with lesser fare charges on their bicycles.

  2. A-Z-E-L said

    i love the idea of putting bike shops at the station. where they can leave their bikes in exchange of a very affordable amount. so they can just come back to get it after office/work.

    Here in Dubai, Dubai METRO came into this project of having a vacant lot for the vehicle owners. they can leave their vehicles (FREE if parked not exceeding 24 hrs, beyond it, they have to pay the price) before riding the train.

    That is to reduce the vehicles on the road and to promote the METRO TRAIN. Both beneficial to either parties. Vehicle owners can save up gas and toll fees! Accident will be lessen.

    So if the Phil. Govmnt is really into this “bike campaign”, they should have done it a bit better. Afterall, this is for common good.

  3. reymos said

    I agree with Azel for having bike stands at the train stations aside from allowing commuters bring their bikes inside the train. Bike stands should be set-up first from both ends of the train lines. My only concern is that bringing bikes on the train is problematic considering that majority of the stairs are quite high and I think elevators are not spacious to accommodate bikes in going up/down from the stations.

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