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Name your child after a star?

Posted by butalidnl on 12 February 2008

Wondering what to name your child? How about naming her/him after a star? No, I don’t mean “star” in the sense of a movie star, or pop idol; I mean to literally name the child after a “star” as in, up there, a heavenly body….

Some people name their child, not for a particular star, but simply for “star”, in the general sense. Thus, we get names like: Stella (star, in Latin), Estrella (Spanish), Aster (Greek), and even Tala (Tagalog).

But you could also name the child after a specific star. Here are some of possible names, with their meanings:
Andromeda (daughter of Cassiopeia)
Aries (the Ram)
Antares (Roman god, a rival of Mars)
Bellatrix ( woman warrior)
Chara (joy)
Maia (mother)
Mira (wonderful)
Nashira (she who brings good news)
Nihal (camel quenching their thirst)
Rigel (foot)
Vega (eagle)

(for more names of stars: Star Names by Steve Gibson.)

You could also choose not to go so far, but rather just keep within our solar system. I know some people named Sol (latin for sun), but I think their full name is really something like Soliman, or so. Then come the planets:
Mercury – I know someone whose name is “Mercurio“, but I don’t know how happy he is with this unique name 🙂
Venus – a beautiful name, which is appropriate for the name of the Greek goddess of beauty. Minerva, Venus’ latin version is also another possible name.
Earth – I don’t know anybody named “Earth”, but the Greek word “Gaia” seems like a nice name.
Mars – this is generally a nickname, I think; short for “Marcelino” or so,
Saturn – some people are named “Saturnino“, but this gets shortened to “Satur”, or even gets replaced by initials (e.g. “ST”) or even something like “Jun”
Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune – I don’t know anyone named after these planets
Pluto – good name for a puppy, perhaps 🙂

The solar system also has other “heavenly bodies” with nice names. Let’s start with the moons:
(earth’s own) moon – Selene (or Selena), from Greek
Io, Callisto – two of Jupiter’s moons; who know’s? maybe as boy names?
Rhea, Dione – two moons of Saturn
Charon – Pluto’s moon

And then there are names of the asteroids. By the way, there are literally thousands of names of asteroids. Consider the names of the biggest ones e.g. Ceres, Pallas and Vesta. (for more asteroid names:Minor Planet Names: Alphabetical List)

And then there is Eris, which could be considered the 10th planet in our solar system (it is bigger than Pluto and its orbit is farther out ); but it is now officially classified as a “dwarf planet”.

Well, if none of these names catch your fancy; I guess you can always resort to naming your child after a showbiz star.. 🙂


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