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Reduce household electricity costs

Posted by butalidnl on 4 February 2008

With all the talk about the dangers of global warming, it would also be good to do some things ourselves to help in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases. By lessening our electricity consumption, we will not only help the planet; we will also be helping ourselves financially.

The Philippines’ electricity consumption is growing fast. In response, and a lot more production capacity needs to be installed, or electricity consumption should be drastically reduced, or both.

Reducing home electricity expenses is both relatively easy for people to do, and the financial gains are felt immediately.

Some things we can do at home to save on electricity

– change all incandescent lamps with Compact Flourescent Lamps (CFLs);

– raise airconditioning expenses by shortening the time when it is on, and by setting the thermostat to 22 degrees C (instead of usual 18 degrees) ;

– conserve refrigerator coldness by minimizing opening its door and regular defrosting;

– turn off computers completely when not in use.

For more detailed tips, look up: Tips to Save Electricity.


2 Responses to “Reduce household electricity costs”

  1. Nick said

    I don’t think that people realise how easy it is to save money and reduce the power output. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort!

  2. With electricity rates skyrocketing, this is an easy area that everyone can save money. And it is the simple things that can save the most money – we have reduced our electric usage by 50% using simple methods like you describe (changing over to CFLs, setting computers to hibernate, etc…)

    Other things that have really helped us were: switching to front load washer and dryer, switching to a gas dryer (significantly reduced electric usage without raising gas usage.)

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