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Dutch People reject new pro-Pedophile Party

Posted by butalidnl on 7 September 2006

In a strange twist to the Netherlands’ democracy, a pro-pedophile party has been formed which will try to win seats in the parliamentary elections this November. The Partij voor Naastenliefde, Vrijheid and Diversiteit (Party for Love, Freedom and Diversity, PNVD), better known in the country a the “Pedo-party” presented itself to the public last May. Among their many program points, was the proposal to allow sexual intercourse from the age of 12.
There were petition campaigns etc. done by many people, in a bid to get the Central Electoral Commission to forbid this party from participating in the coming elections. However, in June, the courts ruled that the party may be allowed to run in the elections, provided that it fulfills the usual requirements for party accreditation. One of the requirements was to get 30 people from each of the 19 electoral districts of the country to formally declare their support for such a party. Pedophiles, who would comprise the supporters of this party, are naturally reluctant to come out in the open to support the party. Now, with only two months left before the elections, the party has gathered less than 50 supporters; so there is a big chance that this party will not make it by November.

In addition, people are generally shunning the PNVD, refusing to include them in debates, or giving them a chance to propagate their platform. And even the organizers are having a hard time in their personal lives. One founding member of the party was rejected from enrolling in the University of Nijmegen, for a course in Education because this will lead to a job where he would work with children. The ABN AMRO Bank has also refused to allow the party to open a bank account with them, citing “security considerations”.

The Dutch courts have formally allowed the PNVD to exist, in the framework of the liberal policy of the country of allowing a very wide range of political ideas. However, it is becoming clear that the Dutch people have rejected, even this early, the PNVD and the ideas that it represents.


One Response to “Dutch People reject new pro-Pedophile Party”

  1. Yanna said

    Lots of blab about a little dutch “party” that represents nothing. In the US a man gets sent to prison for 150 years for some pictures on his computer. BUT, in Pakistan, India and a couple of other countries, underage boys and girls are used as slaves in the carpet industry and other activities and usually raped after work as well. Kids as young as 6 y o. Revolting.
    And NOBODY even tries to do something about it.

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